Laura Lemon, Ph.D. is an expert and presenter in the field of communication, impacting individuals and institutions through successful communication scholarship and practice. Her focus is in public relations, emphasizing employee engagement and internal communication to enhance productivity in the workplace and deliver tactical results. She is the recipient of the 2015 ACORN Award for her presentation on employee engagement at the annual Corporate Communications International Conference.

Dr. Lemon spent years as a professional in the private sector assisting organizations with effective public relations initiatives. She was presented with the coveted Steven Graham Memorial Award for her contribution to the citizens of Colorado.

A passionate and dedicated teacher, Dr. Lemon is a scholar in public relations whose research techniques and professional experience support her expertise in the field. Dr. Lemon completed her Ph.D. in Communication and Information with a public relations focus from the University of Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Pepperdine University and was conferred a Master’s in Communication from the University of Colorado, Denver. Dr. Lemon is currently an associate professor and graduate program coordinator at The University of Alabama in the award-winning Department of Advertising and Public Relations.

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